The Colorado Army National Guard (COARNG) deploys ready units in defense of our nation and to protect and support the citizens of Colorado. The COARNG is nearly 4000 Soldiers-strong and growing all the time. The units in the state vary from the most modern, cutting-edge high-tech units such as Space support units to classic, hardcore, hard-charging Infantry units that harken to our origins in 1860. The Colorado Army National Guard has Citizen-Soldiers serving in every major city in Colorado with units along the Front Range and Western Slope. The diversity of our unit locations and missions allows us to deliver on our commitment to the community, state, and nation.





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  • 100th Ground-Based Midcourse Defense Brigade
  • 169th Fires Brigade
  • Special Operations Detachment - Korea
  • 89th Troop Command Brigade
  • 117th Space Battallion
  • 19th Special Forces Group 5th Battallion

State Education Benefits

Up to $475 per credit hour. Up to $4,250 paid per semester/trimester/quarter. Cap-132 semester hours or 8 calendar years whichever is reached first; Title 10: Deployment, Call up only Title 32: Traditional, AGR, Fed Tech, M-Day. 6 month service in CONG required (IST Transfers may get waived). Must be degree seeking. Pell Grant applied first. STA must be applied first. Any remaining tuition, up to 100%.  Combined payments cannot exceed 100% of actual tuition costs. No fees paid.  2.0 cumulative grade point average required for continued eligibility.  Air Guard also 

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