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The South Carolina Army National Guard is a military force comprised of Citizen Soldiers sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the state of South Carolina.  It consists of a diverse workforce with varied backgrounds,education and perspectives.

Training: Choose from 150 jobs in fields as medicine,technology,engineering,transportation,and communications.You'll get real-world training and hands-on experience that will give you a head start toward your career.

Education: Scholarships can pay up to $18,000 per year.

Adventure: If you have an appetite for excitement and a strong dedication to your country,then we want you on our team.

Mission: Members serve a dual state and federal mission to defend America.

Service: One person can make a difference in the defense of our country and communities.

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Major CO National Guard Units


218th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

218th Leadership Regiment

263rd AAMDC

JFHQ-SC, 59th Troop Command, 59th Aviation Troop Command

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