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Puerto Rico

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The Puerto Rico Army National Guard maintains 48 armories, and is present in 30 communities. The Puerto Rico National Guard, like the National Guards in all 50 states, is a hybrid organization. National Guards are ordinarily under the control of state (or, in the case of Puerto Rico, Commonwealth) officials, but are organized pursuant to federal statute, and in war time or other emergencies, Guard units may be brought under federal control. The Puerto Rico Army National Guard and Reserve units support USARSO's many multilateral exercises and programs. It is through this integration of our Active Army, National Guard, and Reserves that US Army South [USARSO] can maximize resources to carry out missions.

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101st Troop Command

During World War II and on up to the time of the Korean War, the US Army was racially segregated. The 295th, 296th, and 65th Infantry regiments were all formations consisting mostly of Puerto Rican enlisted men and National Guardsmen.

92nd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

The 92nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team has been reorganized has the 92nd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade. The current formation still retains two of the former brigade infantry battalions, which are the 1st battalion of the 296th Infantry Regiment and the 1st battalion of the 65th Infantry Regiment.

191st Regional Support Group

The unit's federal (MTOE/TDA) mission is to '..Deploys to provide contingency and expeditionary Base Operations Support, with responsibilities for managing facilities, providing administrative and logistical support of soldier services, and ensuring the security of personnel and facilities on a base camp.

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